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About Me

Kids Cooking Parties is a children’s cooking entertainment company that loves to teach kids to cook. You only need to see the kid’s faces when they have seen what they have achieved and made at each of their birthday parties. My parties have been described as ‘awesome’ ‘the best party of the year’ ‘Charlotte has sprinkled cooking magic in my house’. My kids love to learn cook and it all started when I was teaching my daughter how to make scones (she is now 11) & my son home made pizza (he is now 13).


I have been running cookery parties for over 9 years and each party I have arranged have been fantastic fun. I have got regular clients that book me year after year and I enjoy every moment of cooking with the kids because they can’t believe they can make such delicious treats.


I have developed 28 different parties, all from scratch. Sometimes I dream up new ideas in my sleep. I have designed and produced my website myself.


I run between 2-4 parties a week and afterschool pizza parties are becoming very popular too...I am also available on Bank Holidays.


I am happy to run 2 parties in one day however, I cannot travel for more than 30 miles between these parties, I hope you understand and hope to accommodate you as well as I can.


We have run parties from 8 to 56 children see photos below, we can accomodate as many children as you want and I will bring assistants with me on the day if we have over 18 children.  We also cater for boy theme or girl theme...if its mixed children there will be mixed coloured tablecloths.


Please ask parents prior to party if its okay for me to take photos of the children that will be used for my website.


It is becoming increasingly more popular to have videos on websites.  Please may I ask you to ask the parents of the children prior to the party if its okay for us to film the children cooking, or filming them asking them questions about the party.


Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


Hope you enjoy your Kids Cooking Party.

Please follow the links to our Videos that can be found on Facebook:

me lilly allen

I even ran a fab cup cake party for Lily Allen

in November 2018