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Are you looking for something completely

unique to do at your party?

At your Barmitzvah / Batmizvah we are offering each child to make an amazing portrait of themselves or they can make an edible message of your choice to keep as a memory of their amazing time at your sons/daughters party but this portrait is also completely edible.


Each child will make one edible picture with special edible pens, they will then decorate with icing, sprinkles and glitter.  They will take their edible pictures home with them in gift bags or in fact eat it if they wish to!


The ingredients are all kosher too!


Prior to the party, you would need to send me a photo of each child so it’s ready for the day. We can also add a unique message too!


Only £7.00 per child - a minimum of 35 children.  Everything included.


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