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We can cater for Vegetarian,  Kosher,  

Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free & Gluten Free 

From £15.50 per child

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Hi I am Charlotte the owner of



I have been making delicious cakes, desserts for many years and also love cooking dinner parties for my friends & family and eating out at lovely restaurants.  I started The Loaf Cake Company in 2008 selling delicious loaf cakes & have so many of recipes, including dairy free, egg free, sugar free, yeast free, flourless etc.  I have experimented with lots of ingredients and recently developed an allergy for dairy and sugar I now make a lot of cakes with Truvia & Soya.  


I have been running Kids Cooking Parties for 5 years since 2010 and have taught hundreds of children from the age of 3+ to teenagers how to make delicious cakes, cookies, pizza, bread, truffles & lots more, my love of cooking has even brought me a page on Facebook called Cook with Charlotte and I share a lot of food photos on Instagram!


I do sell cakes from THE LOAF CAKE COMPANY my website is and I have my Kids Cooking Parties website for  I hope you enjoy making my recipes.



Love Charlotte


By Kids Cooking Parties, Feb 24 2015 07:04PM


7oz Golden Caster Sugar...

8oz Dairy Free Margarine

7oz Self Raising Flour

2oz 100% Cocoa

4 Medium Eggs

100ml Soya Milk or dairy free alternative

4oz of Grated Dark Chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Mix all the ingredients together except the grated chocolate until creamy in a food processor

Smooth the mixture in a oven proof dish (approx size 2 litre)

Grate the dark chocolate on the top of the pudding

Bake in the oven for 30mins...if you leave it in too long it dries out!!!


Welcome to my recipe blog! I hope you enjoy them and happy baking.