Office: 020 8500 4426

(best way to contact) Mobile: 0776 0444779 


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Office Opening Hours 9am - 9pm please email before or after these times

We can cater for Vegetarian,  Kosher & Halal

Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Yeast Free & Soya Free

From £14.50 per child

Minimum 8 Kids

From age 3+


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Est. 2010

We have 4 Chocolate Party Options:


1) Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Loaf Cakes Cakes & Chocolate Cookies

2) Chocolates in Moulds, Chocolate Cup Cakes & Chocolate Cookies

3) Chocolate Lolly Pops, Chocolate Loaf Cakes & Chocolate Cookies

*we recommend Truffles for over 8 years old

4) Non Baking - Mini Chocolates, Chocolate Cake Pops & Decorate Chocolate Cookies


Chocolate Heaven Party

We now supply every child with a free paper bag to take their treats home in!

Party 1: Truffles*, Cakes & Cookies

Party 2: Chocolates in Molds, Chocolate Cup Cakes/or Loaf Cakes & Cookies

Party 3: Chocolates Lolly Pops, Chocolate Loaf Cakes & Cookies

Party 4: **Non Baking** Mini Chocolates, Chocolate Cake Pops & Decorate Choc Cookies

Hi Charlotte.

Thank you so much for the chocolate heaven party, the girls all had a great time!  Caitlyn informs me that it was her best party so far, so well done you! I will be in contact later in the year to book again. Thanks again for a truly stress free, fun afternoon.

Take care. Lisa. Xx