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Edible Art Pictures

Each child will make 2 art pictures that are completely EDIBLE!


The amazing pictures are made with rice paper, edible pens, fondant icing, edible icing pens, sprinkles, chocolates, sherbet and sweeties.  The children can free draw or use cookie cutters/trace pictures to make their designs. This party is suitable for boys & girls.


When the kids have made two picture they will then all help decorate a 9" square birthday cake with butter cream and decorate with delicious sweeties & chocolates for the birthday child…


The children will take home everything they have made including a slice of the birthday cake and a certificate of achievement! Some kids can't wait to eat their picture and eat it on the way out of the door!


We recommend this party is from age 4+


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Hi Charlotte

Thank you for a great party. Aliyah and her friends had an excellent time.  As for me a stress free party :) Will definitely recommend

you to all my friends  

Zara x


ONLY £15.00