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Office Opening Hours 9am - 9pm please email before or after these times

We can cater for Vegetarian,  Kosher,  

Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free & Gluten Free 

From £15.50 per child

Minimum 8 Kids

From age 3+


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Est. 2010




* Cake Pops

* Cakes either chocolate or plain sponge

* Chocolate Truffles

* Chocolates in moulds with sprinkles

* Coconut Balls

* Cookies

* Cup cakes

* Decorating Cookies

* Edible Necklaces

* Fairy Bread

* Frozen Bananas

* Fruit in melted chocolate

* Fruit Kebabs with chocolate sprinkles & Marshmallows

* Marshmallow Swizzle Sticks

* Pizza

* Popcorn Balls

* Rice Crispy Cakes

* Smores Towers

* Cake Balls

* One Edible Picture

Sample Menu:

Pizza Making

Decorate Shaped Cookies

Fruit Kebabs

Chocolate Truffles


We now supply every child with a free paper bag to take their treats home in!

Mix & Match Party

Choose 4 items from this menu to make at your Mix & Match Party...and only one cooked item!

Sample Menu:

Make & Bake Cakes

Chocolate Truffles

Edible Necklaces

Decorate Cookies

Sample Menu:

Make Pizza

DEcorate cookies

Make Smores Towers

Fruit Kebas



My daughter and 11 children enjoyed a mix and match cooking party.  Charlotte was organised, on time and engaged with the children.  We made pizza, cake pops, edible necklaces and decorated cookies, everyone had a good time and I would highly recommend this kids cooking party.

** MIX & MATCH**


Hi Charlotte

Thank you so much for a great party. It was the easiest party I have ever arranged, enjoyed as much by the children as the parents (who really didn't need to do anything apart from drink coffee!). I have already had requests for your contact details which I'm happily providing with a warm recommendation. A huge thank you from us all! Johanna