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* Cake Pops

* Cakes either chocolate or plain sponge

* Chocolate Truffles

* Chocolates in moulds with sprinkles

* Coconut Balls

* Cookies

* Cup cakes

* Decorating Cookies

* Edible Necklaces

* Fairy Bread

* Frozen Bananas

* Fruit in melted chocolate

* Fruit Kebabs with chocolate sprinkles & Marshmallows

* Marshmallow Swizzle Sticks

* Pizza

* Popcorn Balls

* Rice Crispy Cakes

* Smores Towers

* Cake Balls

* One Edible Picture

Sample Menu:

Pizza Making

Decorate Shaped Cookies

Fruit Kebabs

Chocolate Truffles

Mix & Match Party

Choose 4 items from this menu to make at your Mix & Match Party...and only one cooked item!

We do not recommend making pizzas & cake pops in the same party due to time!  



Sample Menu:

Make & Bake Cakes

Chocolate Truffles

Edible Necklaces

Decorate Cookies

Sample Menu:

Make Pizza

DEcorate cookies

Make Smores Towers

Fruit Kebas

Thank you so much for the fabulous mix and match cooking party. You managed to entertain my daughter and her friends for 2 whole hours and they had a wonderful time cooking, baking and generally eating a lot of yummy melted chocolate. When you left, my daughter exclaimed ‘that was just brilliant’ – say no more. Perfect.

Miranda x




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