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A cake & biscuit party or a Pizza & Fruit Kebab Party


The Party is for 10 children.


The Party includes:


* Personalised party Invitations with envelopes


and each Child receives a

* chef hat (to design with stickers & pens)

* gift bag

* a rolling pin

* a personalised recipe to take home

* a personalised certificate


Journey cost is not included


Each child will learn how to bake 3 mini loaf cakes. All cakes are baked in our mini cake moulds, so no need for tins! Once their mini cakes are baked they can then decorate with icing, chocolates, glitter & sprinkles. While the cakes are cooking they can make biscuits with sprinkles & smarties.

Each child will learn how to make pizza.  Once at the party the kids will knead their dough and roll out ready for tomato sauce, grated cheese and toppings including, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pineapple, peppers & olives.  Once they have eaten their pizza they will then make fruit kebabs with melon, banana, marshmallows & grapes (or seasonal fruit), then they will dip them into melted chocolate & sprinkles a great way to end to their party.



Cake & Biscuit Party

Pizza & Fruit Kebab Party

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My phone has been buzzing from Mum's texting me telling me what a super time their kids had at Amelia's 7th birthday party! Absolutely brilliant and what's more stress free!  It was great to be able to sit back and watch 18 kids get stuck into their cake creations.  Charlotte the Chef was in complete control and lovely with it.  Amelia had a ball,  in her words 'the best birthday party ever!'  Thank you.



ONLY £250

FOR 10 KIDS + £16 per child for each extra child