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all children will receive a free rolling pin worth £2.00 each if you book a pizza party

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Pizza & fruit kebab party

Each child will learn how to make pizza.  The fresh dough will be prepared before the party as it needs to rise for one hour before we can roll it out.  Once at the party the kids will knead their dough and roll out ready for tomato sauce, grated cheese and toppings including, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweetcorn,  peppers & olives.  If your child has a dairy allergy they can miss the cheese out!  Please advise when booking.  We also bring some garlic butter so the kids can make delish garlic bread!


Once the pizzas are baking they have about 20 mins break we suggest in this time your can do some party games with the kids alternatively they can make some extra treats or decorate a birthday cake (from £15.00).


Once they have eaten their pizza they will then make fruit kebabs with melon and grapes, marshmallows (or seasonal fruit), then they will dip them into melted chocolate & sprinkles a great way to end to their party.


All the kids will receive a certificate of excellence at the end of the party and they will take home their FREE ROLLING PIN.

My Daughter had 16 friends and her little brother at her Pizza party last week. The party was absolutely brilliant! My Daughter said to me half way through how happy she was having this Baking party. Of course when my 5 year old said this out loud it confirmed exactly what was already going through my mind and what everybody said to me throughout the party! Thank you trillions to the very organised and calm Charlotte, such a perfect host. We all loved the fruit n chocolatey kebabs too... Yummmmy!

I would recommend to anyone and I am sure that Mummies who attended the party were adding the contact details to their phones! Xxx

ONLY £17.00