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Terms & Conditions

By booking party you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


Included in the price, all equipment, aprons, cloths for tables, bag & ingredients and a certificate for all children.  



We do not book the hall, we do not pay for the hall, when you book a party the hall is your responsiblity and the clearing up after.



Please bear in mind we have a lot of equipment to carry/bring, to run a party in your home or venue, please ensure that there is sufficient space to put our equipment in the kitchen.  We also require to move through the kitchen freely of people not blocking the ovens, microwaves or fridge/freezer.



Are not permitted to be in the kitchen, near the oven at all when we are using it, due to hazards of hot baking trays and oven door openings.



The requested of £50 deposit should be made within 3 days of reserving your booking prior to the party.


The party balance is due 4 days prior to the party: we made the decision because:


* we were receiving forged bank notes

* we got lots of bounced cheques

* customers saying they will owe us money after the party, which we never received!!!

* negotiating the price on arrival at the party


Booking confirmation will be provided on receipt of deposit.


We accept credit card/debit card, cash or bank transfer for final payment. We do not accept cheque.


Cancellation of Parties

The published rate for parties will be payable and is for the indicated set number of people. If you have less people attending the party, the full minimum booking price will still be payable. We will email you 7 to 10 days before the party to get final numbers attending. This will form the final booking number, on which we prepare food and party bags etc, therefore if less people actually attend on the day of the party the full minimum published price will be payable plus any original agreed number of going home gifts (published rate for each additional person attending a KIDS COOKING PARTY) any extra people we were advised were attending.  We request that 24 hours notice needs to be given to us if a child is ill or not attending and if we are not informed then you will need to pay for that child in full.  


In the event of illness or changed circumstances, we will look to rearrange the booking. Should however, this not be possible, we will refund 50% of deposits, provided you give us 7 days notice. If you cancel with less that 7 days notice of the party starting, the deposit may not be refunded, as this will cover, administration and compensation costs. In the unlikely event we have to cancel a party, we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative within a reasonable period of time or a full refund will be given.


Changes to the party

If you want to make any changes to the party you will need to give 5 days notice.


Cancellation Policy

If a party is cancelled less than 24-36 hours before the party a cancellation fee of 50% will be required because for every booking we take, we incurs costs. Our costs include the administrative work undertaken to process a booking, buying & preparation of sundries & ingredients, as we are very unlikely to be able to replace your booking with another event at this late stage.


Health and Safety

Sensible clothing and footwear are essential for our Kids Cooking Parties.  Our parties are hands on and all participants are expected to be aware and act appropriately given the risks. Personal loss, injury, damage, neglect or involvement to or by you and any other course/party attendee will not be the liability of Kids Cooking Parties.


Special Dietary Health and Allergy Requirements

We will be happy to discuss course content with you to help you understand what is involved. If you have allergies please let us know in advance and note you attend at your own risk. If we are not advised of any Allergies in advance and we have not therefore prepared the ingredients accordingly, anyone with an Allergy may need to be excluded form the event, for safety reasons.


If your child is affected by diabetes or epilepsy or any other issue/illness please let us know in advance.