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Est. 2010





- whisks

- spoons

- bowls

- baking trays

- cutters  

- baking moulds

- plastic aprons

- paper plates  

- plastic sheeting  

- free box or bag to take treats home in!


We sell a great  selection of going home gifts too!

what we supply

All children receive a

free certificate at the end of each party.

* For kosher pizza parties we can cook with Chevington grated cheese & Kosher chocolate for the dessert.  We charge an extra £3.00 per child for a Kosher Party!


We can use Kosher Marshmallows which are made with fish gelatin for halal & kosher parties.


If your child has a dairy  allergy we can cook with Tomor or Pure Margarine.



- If your child has a gluten allergy we can cook with Doves Farm Gluten & Wheat Free Flour.




We supply all ingredients at every party

We can cater with Kosher* gluten free, dairy free or sugar free